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Marvin's Salad Crisps: Tangy Tomato and Feta
Marvin's Salad Crisps: Herby Pea and Feta Falafel
Marvin's Salad Crisps: Roasted Red Pepper and Walnut
Marvin's Salad Crisps: Earthy Beetroot and Goat's Cheese

Fresh, crispy salad crisps, and Punchy, crunchy curry crisps - coming soon

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Marvin's Curry Crisps: Mild Matar Masala
Marvin's Curry Crisps: Warming Red Lentil Dahl
Marvin's Curry Crisps: Fragrant Bombay Carrot
Marvin's Curry Crisps: Fiery Vindaloo
Marvin's Crisps nutritional icons and rainbow coloured crisps