Our packaging and sustainability

What's with our packaging?

Our crisp packets are one of a kind, designed by us because taking care of our planet and not causing harm, is non-negotiable
  • The world's first ever entirely plastic free, fully recyclable crisp packet; designed by the Marvin's team 

  • Created and packaged on site, using 100% renewable energy

  • Printed on environmentally friendly paper, using vegetable inks 

How to recycle your Marvin's crisp packets

Step 1. Separate the paper from the foil by peeling them apart

Step 2. Scrunch the foil part into a ball (this helps recycling machines detect that it is metal)

Step 3. Drop the foil and the paper into the correct recycling bins

(Alternative step 3.) Invest in a mini basketball hoop for your recycling bin. 20 points if you get a slam dunk, -20 if you miss! You're welcome.

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