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The story of Marvin's

Are you sitting comfortably? Then grab your snacks and we shall begin...

Back in 2017, Heather, the founder of Marvin's was fed up with snack foods being full of unnecessary starches, sugars which are the fast carbs that play a role in weight gain and obesity, she wondered why couldn't snacks be tasty, healthy AND convenient? 

With a background in chemistry and biology and a PhD in Organic Chemistry from Oxford University, Heather decided to try and solve this snacking dilemma. Three years later her solution was, in true Willy Wonka style, to design a unique process that could turn almost any ingredients into bars and crisps! 

Although it took years to develop, Heather's persistence has not only created a one-of-a-kind snack, but also built the machinery to produce them. Nice.

And with fresh ingredients, came almost no limitations. Heather and the Marvin’s team have, so far, created 50+ flavours including pea and ham soup, carrot cake and even chocolate and chilli! And the best part? Using all fresh and natural ingredients, gently dried and never fried, they not only look and taste incredible, but are also highly nutritious- naturally low in calories, high in fibre, and up to 350% more protein than standard crisps!

Our All Natural Patented Process

Our process removes 'fast carbs' from snack foods.  These are sugars and starches that quickly enter the blood stream as glucose raising levels of blood sugar and causing an insulin response.  Typically 'fast carbs' are defined as those with a glycemic index of 55 and above.  (More on fast carbs later...) The problem with fast carbs is that unless you are exercising heavily like say, running sprints with Usain Bolt, they play a roll in causing obesity and weight gain. 

The challenge with snack food is that the binders (what holds the snacks together) are fast carbs like sugar syrups in snack bars and starches in crisps, crackers and biscuits. 

So until now.... no fast carb binders = no snack food.  It's hard to get rid of the empty calories of snack food if you'd only be left with bits! But that's where the Marvin's patented process comes in.  We've got a whole new way to hold together any ingredients so we can remove the fast carbs and make better snacks. 

Interestingly by removing the bland starches we can use flavour-filled ingredients that give a truely unique range of flavours like nothing else available. 

Our Ingredients Promise

We promise to use all natural ingredients.  No chemical extracts, powders, chemicals or other things you wouldn't recognize as food.

A lot of the food on supermarket shelves today uses refined processed ingredients, even plant-based products.  That means that an ingredient might start out as something wholesome like a pea for instance.  But by the time it's been turned into pea protein powder chances are some of the important phyto nutrients that have important nutritional benefits have been lost.  We want to use proper ingredients so the extra good stuff nature intended is still in our products.

Where the name Marvin's came from

It's because we were 'Hank Marvin' when we were thinking up brand names. 

Nah, just kidding. Really it was down to Heather's (the inventor and owner behind Marvin's) upbringing. 

In 1635, Great Bently Essex England, two brother's - Matthew and Reinholdt Marvin were seeking new adventures and set sail for North America.  They landed safely and helped found several town in what is now Connecticut, USA.  Nine generations later Heather's great Grandfather Mr. Marvin founded a local hardware store in New Haven with his friend Mr. Jackson - The Jackon Marvin Hardware Co.

As a child, Heather would often go and help in the family hardware store.  It was in the family for three generations and run by Heather's father.  It was here, over two decades before Marvin's Snacks was founded, the foundations for Marvin's were built: through Heather's curiosity of how things worked, exploration and creation. 

So really, for us, it felt fitting to bring back a wonderful piece of history, and have it live on through the innovative company that Heather has built.

Meet the people that make Marvin's happen

The snack-tastic Marvin's team

What Makes marvin's? - Our manifesto

Incredible tasting snacks

Created using real ingredients -the kind you’d buy at the supermarket- we don't stop until our snacks taste incredible. Never fried, never added sugar, nor processed flavourings, colourings or preservatives. Plus, all-natural ingredients means impressive nutritional value, so you no longer have to compromise when snacking. You can have it all.

Experiment, give it a try

Founder Heather Daniell's scientific mind has had a strong influence on our culture and our products. Continuous experimentation has created game-changing snacks in over 50 delicious flavours. Our determination had led us to build our own equipment from scratch and design our own entirely plastic-free, recyclable, crisp packaging.  

Do good

We do things our own way, and enjoy doing what the big brands can’t, such as a production kitchen run 100% on renewable energy. We take care of each other, are kind to our planet, listen to our customers and make sure we always share our snacks - so tuck in!

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