What on earth are Salad Crisps? 
And who are the humans behind them?

An actual salad in an actual crisp? Is this a joke?

Nope, no joke. These really are crisps made from fresh ingredients.

So how did the Salad Crisps come about?

To share the story of our unusual snacks, we have to go seemingly further off track, to the convergence of two unusual topics: science and equestrianism.

Growing up I was a bit of a science and maths nerd. I liked understanding how and why things work. This led me on to study biology and chemistry at university and later on to a PhD in Organic Chemistry at Oxford. -Ok, maybe more than a bit of a nerd!

Outside of school, growing up, I loved horses, but my family didn’t have the money for me to ride, so instead I spent all of my free time working in stable yards in exchange for riding lessons. Later on, after graduate school I was lucky enough to have a horse of my own, Ben. Unfortunately, he suffered with gastric ulcers and so wasn’t allowed to eat large amounts of sugars and starches. Whilst researching the nutritional profiles of horse feeds to find a solution (science nerd strikes again!), I discovered that even the best animal food products were held together with sugar (often molasses) or starch (wheat, corn etc).

Wanting to do the best I could for my four-legged friend, I looked to every day snacks (for humans) for inspiration, and found the exact same thing: all packed with sugar, starch and other nonsense that aren’t nutritiously advantageous. 

Did you know:

In snacks such as cereal bars, sugar (glucose, fructose, molasses, honey) is the main binder to give it structure and durability. Crisps, crackers, corn chips and pretzels are usually held together with starch (wheat, rice, corn, potato etc). Although starch and sugar keep costs down for companies, they aren’t beneficial to consumers as they: 

- contribute to obesity

- limit the flavour profile (as starch is incredibly bland or sugar is sweet)

- encourage the use of flavour additives (because of that bland flavour)

- result in carb-heavy and usually calorie-dense but nutrient poor snacks

 After months of experimentation (and some big lessons learned along the way), I created a brand new kind of snack. 

Knowing all this I thought, surely there had to be a better way?

After months of experimentation,I developed a way to create crisps, crackers or biscuits out of virtually any fresh ingredients. Amazing flavours but without the calories, fat or sugar of traditional snacks. No added starch, sugar, colours or chemicals. Naturally delicious.

Through the unique (patent pending) process I invented, almost any hot or cold meal can be turned into a snack, by just removing the water! The all natural ingredients, gave a fantastic nutritional profile (naturally low in calories, high fibre, and up to 330% more protein than standard crisps!)  All of this in one incredibly convenient, radically tasty crispy snack!

With fresh ingredients, came almost no limitations. In true Willy Wonka style, I turned pea and ham soup into a crisp, chicken curry, tomato and feta salad… you name it, it worked, and the flavours were incredible – although, granted, pea and ham soup wasn’t to everyone’s liking!

Now, fast forward nearly three years since founding the process, we have Salad Crisps, Curry Crisps, and very soon there will also be Pudding crisps, and extra low-calorie crisps - watch this space. And the best part is, as we produce, manufacture and package the crisps in house (in the worlds first ever recyclable crisp packet), we have the freedom to continue to experiment with flavours. 

 We aren’t constrained by traditions, or the way things are done by other brands, we are building a new way of doing things, the way snacks should have been done long before now, and boy are we having a bag load of fun with it!

Plus, as the winners of the Innovative Snack Challenge (International) Award, in 2019, coming first in over 400 snack company applicants, you don't just have to take our word for how delicious they are!

These (naturally) bright-
coloured crisps are just the beginning.

These are the snacks of the future. 

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The human behind the snacks

Hannah Rowlinson

Kitchen queen and content creator

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The snack support team

3 dogs and 4 horses keep us all rather busy at the office! 

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Heather Daniell

Brand creator, avid innovator, and status-quo challenger

With a PhD in Organic Chemistry from Oxford University, and former consultant in renewable energy, Heather is a curious and innovative human being who constantly challenges how things are done. Plus, her amazing brain is the reason Satisfied Snacks exists!

Michaela Simpson

Machinery maverick and a legendary all-rounder

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Hannah Silverstein

Branding and marketing nerd, with a rebellious streak

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