Rainbow made out of Marvin's Crisps. Naturally colourful crisps.

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The story of Marvin's

Are you sitting comfortably? Then grab your snacks and we shall begin...

Back in 2017, Heather, the founder of Marvin's was fed up with snack foods being full of unnecessary starches, sugars and added chemical ingredients, she wondered why couldn't snacks be tasty, healthy AND convenient? 

With a background in advanced mathematics, biology and a PhD in Organic Chemistry from Oxford University, Heather decided to try and solve this snacking dilemma. Three years later her solution was, in true Willy Wonka style, to design a unique process that could turn almost any food into crisps! 

Although it took years to develop, Heather's persistence has not only created a one-of-a-kind snack, but also built the machinery to produce them and even designed our very own plastic-free, fully recyclable crisp packet to package them in. Nice.

And with fresh ingredients, came almost no limitations. Heather and the Marvin’s team have, so far, created 50+ flavours including pea and ham soup, carrot cake and even chocolate and chilli! And the best part? Using all fresh and natural ingredients, gently dried and never fried, they not only look and taste incredible, but are also highly nutritious- naturally low in calories, high in fibre, and up to 350% more protein than standard crisps!

Want to hear the full story? 

Where the name Marvin's came from

It's because we were 'Hank Marvin' when we were thinking up brand names. 

Nah, just kidding. Really it was down to Heather's (the inventor and owner behind Marvin's) upbringing. 

Heather grew up in the USA, in a town north of New York City.  As a child, she would often go and help in her family hardware store - 'The Jackson-Marvin Hardware Co' that was founded by her Great Grandfather and which stayed in the family for three generations. It was here, over two decades before Marvin's Snacks was founded, the foundations for Marvin's were built: through Heather's curiosity of how things worked, exploration and creation. 

So really, for us, it felt fitting to bring back a wonderful piece of history, and have it live on through the innovative company that Heather has built.

Take a look behind the scenes

Our office, factory, production, packaging and business building spaces are all in one building, on a farm site, near Godalming, UK. It's entirely off-grid, run using on renewable energy (biomass and old vegetable oil!).

During a typical day, you will find Heather (the founder) and Michaela (the all round legend) busy with machinery and producing snacks. Meanwhile, the furry Marvin's crew (four horses and two dogs) will be outside playing.

We are so grateful for our amazing team, office and it's beautiful views every day.

Photographs of the views from the Marvin's Office. Open fields, animals, bluebells and a reservoir.

How the crisps are made

Our crisps are created using our patent-pending process, which turns any meal into a crisp simply by removing excess moisture! The crisps are freshly cooked by our awesome team, then sent through our dryers and bagging machine- which was all built by Heather and Michaela by the way. We regularly experiment with all kinds of flavours, always using fresh and dried, all-natural ingredients; the kind you would find at the supermarket!

Whilst creating the crisps, you'll find us giggling when machinery faults cover the kitchen in crisp paste (then fixing the machines swiftly afterwards). And the perks of the job mean we get to enjoy testing out the newest flavours, plus getting creative with making pretty pictures out of crisps. There's never a dull day at Marvin's!

Photos of the process of making Marvin's Crisps. Fresh and natural ingredients, brightly coloured crisps.

What actually goes into the crisps?

Marvin's are made using entirely natural, fresh and dried ingredients. Nothing else added. 

All the ingredients are blended together, spread out, then dried out. It's that simple. 

No oils, never fried, popped, or exposed to high temperatures. All of this means you keep the full nutritional benefits of all the flavour-filled ingredients including: high protein, high fibre, low calories and no added sugar. 

All the nutrition and flavour of a salad or a curry, in a convenient bag of crisps.

Ingredients in Tomato and Feta Salad Crisps. Tomatoes, feta cheese, red onion, red lentils, basil and black pepper

100% recyclable crisp packets?! Really?

 Yes really. We aren't messing around. 
  • The world's first ever crisp packets are plastic-free and 100% recyclable made from paper and aluminium foil; designed by Heather herself

  • Created and packaged on site, using 100% renewable energy

  • Printed on environmentally friendly paper, using vegetable inks 

How to recycle your Marvin's crisp packets

Step 1. Separate the paper from the foil by peeling them apart

Step 2. Scrunch the foil part into a ball (this helps recycling machines detect that it is metal), and screw the paper into a ball.

Step 3. Drop the foil and the paper into the correct recycling bins

(Alternative step 3.) Invest in a mini basketball hoop for your recycling bin. 20 points if you get a slam dunk, -20 if you miss! You're welcome.

Meet the people that make Marvin's happen

The snack-tastic Marvin's team

What Makes marvin's? - Our manifesto

Incredible tasting snacks

Created using real ingredients -the kind you’d buy at the supermarket- we don't stop until our snacks taste incredible. Never fried, never added sugar, nor processed flavourings, colourings or preservatives. Plus, all-natural ingredients means impressive nutritional value, so you no longer have to compromise when snacking. You can have it all.

Experiment, give it a try

Founder Heather Daniell's scientific mind has had a strong influence on our culture and our products. Continuous experimentation has created game-changing snacks in over 50 delicious flavours. Our determination had led us to build our own equipment from scratch and design our own entirely plastic-free, recyclable, crisp packaging.  

Do good

We do things our own way, and enjoy doing what the big brands can’t, such as fully recyclable, plastic-free crisp packets and a production kitchen run 100% on renewable energy. We take care of each other, are kind to our planet, listen to our customers and make sure we always share our snacks - so tuck in!

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