Born in Connecticut, USA, I moved to the UK to do my PhD in organic chemistry at Oxford. I now live on a farm in Kent with my horses, cats and a retired police dog.

I converted my barn into a giant kitchen to make healthy snacks. I work with a very small team to make the crisps, people who are as passionate about good food, health and sustainability as I am.

As well as being a giant nerd who loves science, I’m also a nature-lover, so I’ve made sure the crisps and veggie bars have minimal impact to the environment.

They’re made with 100% renewable energy - the barn is fully off the grid - and our ingredients are sourced as close to home as possible. Our packaging is 100% infinitely and widely recyclable and has absolutely no plastic.

When I’m not at the farm working on new recipes for veggie crisps and bars, I’m probably grooming my horses, playing with my cats and dog, or going on long walks, hikes or horse rides in the countryside.

I’m always on the lookout for new flavours for our savoury veggie crisps and bars. If you have any salads or hot meals you’d like to see turned into a grab-and-go snack, send the recipe to XXXXXXX@XXXXXXXXXXX, and keep your eyes peeled to the site and sign up to our newsletter here: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. Your recipe might be the veggie snack of the future!

Happy Snacking!


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